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3 Easy Ways To Increase the Mileage In your Dodge Ram 3500

Cat back exhaust
image courtesy @en.wikipedia.org
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Dodge trucks aren’t known for getting great mileage. They’re made to work hard – in the bush, on the farm, or anywhere else you to take them.

You’ll be happy to learn that most of the changes you can make to your Ram ¾-ton for fuel mileage will also make significant improvements in overall torque and horsepower.

Computer tuners are an option, but they only work well after you change the engine’s ability to breathe and improve the efficiency of the exhaust system.

The most effective fuel-efficiency improvements you can make right away to your 4X4 Ram (aside from letting up a bit on the gas pedal) is to install a high-flow intake system, mandrel bent exhaust, and quality tonneau cover to deflect wind away from the inside of the rear truck bed.

1. Aftermarket High-Flow Intake

Like on so many factory vehicles, the intake on your 3500 just doesn’t breathe very well. A high-flow intake can offer anywhere from 2-5% over the OEM setup.

While the savings may not seem terribly significant, it can sure add up after a couple of years.

You’re driving a big, bad Dodge Ram truck and you want to save every drop of fuel possible, right?

Airaid makes really affordable intake systems for the Ram 3500, that can add 20% more airflow to your engine.

Aside from the fuel economy quality aftermarket intakes offer, your engine will run cooler and can gain up to 15% more horsepower and torque.

3500 ram
image courtesy@ broadstrokeassociates.com

2. Cat Back Exhaust System

The factory exhaust system doesn’t flow very efficiently. This is mainly due to the fact that Dodge and other auto manufacturers use a cheap (non mandrel) bending process which crimps and distorts the dimensions inside the piping. These crimps increase back-pressure. The last thing you want to do to your dodge ram 3500 is to restrict the engine’s exhaust flow.

Do you know you could be spending 10% fuel costs due to poor exhaust flow?

Upgrade your ¾-ton Ram with a mandrel bent, stainless steel system, like the RBP Turbo Back system sold right here on Auto Parts Toys. RBP products are made to work with all the factory hangers, and will increase horsepower, torque and – you guessed it – fuel mileage!

Cat back exhaust
image courtesy @en.wikipedia.org

3. Hard Tonneau Cover

If you’re a true gear-head. Someone who likes to get under the hood and get your hands dirty. You’re going to be shocked to learn that a hard tonneau cover can offer you more improvements in fuel economy than the intake or exhaust system combined.

The “wind drag effect” created when air flows over the cab and hits the truck bed can really suck the dollars out of your wallet when it comes time to fill up at the pumps. Of course, you could just take the tailgate off, but that defeats the purpose of having a heavy-duty truck bed to haul with.

We recommend a rugged fiberglass hard tonneau. The Bakflip F1 is made specifically to fit your truck. Once installed, the F1’s three-panel design is completely air and waterproof, and is made to outlast the truck.

Tonneau Cover

Interested to know what you’ll save?

How does 1½ mpg in town or on the trail sound?

Even more on the highway! A good tonneau pays you back in many ways, but the gas mileage improvements and increased acceleration are wicked.

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Don’t forget to tell us products you’ve added or other changes you’ve made to your Ram 3500 to reduce fuel consumption.


Your Ram 3500 uses a lot of fuel. A few simple changes can save you hundreds or thousands in fuel costs per year.

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