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5 Benefits Of Installing a Tonneau Cover On Your Ram 2500

Tonneau Cover
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There’s several advantages to installing a tonneau cover on your Dodge Ram. Aside from the fact that a sleek tonneau adds a lot of visual appeal, there are plenty of other practical reasons to install one on your four-wheel-drive 2500 pickup.

The initial purchase is easily offset when you consider the years of cost, security, and weather-proofing benefits you’ll receive. Trusted brand names like BAKFlip (sold here) offer a zero cost three-year warranty on all their products.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing a tonneau on your Ram 2500

 Tonneau Cover

1. They Look Good!

A tonneau will streamline the look of your Ram pickup in a way that no bulky truck cap ever could.

While a cap makes the truck look bigger and more obtrusive, a tonneau adds the flair of sporty sophistication.

You can choose a silky soft-top, or a rugged and shiny hard-top design. There are also varying levels of visibility options on the market you can choose from; from ultra low-profile, to thicker more durable and raised designs.

ProTip: Purchase a tonneau that matches the added look you want for your truck. Don’t let anyone else tell you how your truck needs to look!

2. Improved Aerodynamics

Your Ram is a big old windcatcher. We’re sure you know this already, but it had to be said. The box and tailgate suck wind in like crazy. Especially when you’re traveling at highway speeds.

Better aerodynamics equal better fuel-economy and better acceleration for your truck. Whether you’re hitting the trails on a windy day, or driving down the Interstate, you can realize a 5-10% decrease in fuel costs after installing your new tonneau.

Pro-Tip: Hard-top designs tend to offer better aerodynamic properties, as they usually come equipped with rubber seals that mate the tonneau with the box, keeping air from creeping inside.

3. Better Security

Whether you choose a soft-top tonneau or a full on hard-top, the security of your cargo will be much improved. Passersby will are less likely to steal your tools and other valuables if they can’t see them.

A tonneau also secures the items you’ll be putting in the truck bed and keeps them from flying out on the road, hitting a vehicle or pedestrian.

Pro-Tip: For maximum security, buy a single or multi-panel hard-top tonneau and make sure you always keep your tailgate locked so nobody can get inside.

4. Keeping Items Organized

You can keep all your work tools, crates, compressors, hand and power tools, totes, etc., organized just the way you like them underneath the tonneau at all times. The added security and protection against the weather means you never have to remove essential cargo to take it inside your garage or home ever again.

Pro-Tip: Use tie straps, bungees, and cargo nets to keep your containers and equipment from sliding around under the tonneau and damaging the box paint. A rubberized bed liner will further help to protect paint and prevent items from sliding around.

5. Weather-Proofing Your Truck Bed

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can penetrate a quality tonneau cover!

Pro-Tip: Some are better than others. If you’re looking for full protection against moisture, consider a solid design over a soft one. Soft tonneaus can stretch over time and don’t offer a completely water tight seal around the edges – nor do they have any sort of drainage system in place.

The “BAKFlip F1” is designed specifically for your HD Ram. This is wicked 3-piece folding tonneau keeps the weather out, with watertight seals included and built-in provisions for drainage.

Don’t Leave Just Yet!

Go ahead and browse our selection of tonneaus and other accessories for your HD Ram 4X4!

Always use our “Contact Us” page to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Use the comment section to tell us your personal experience using a tonneau cover, or about any other customizations you’ve done to your truck.

A tonneau cover can turn your Ram 2500 into a streamlined gorgeous pickup truck, while also offering plenty of practical benefits…

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