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Absolute Guide To RBP and More Heavy Duty Bumper

Absolute Guide To RBP and MORE heavy duty bumper
image courtesy @www.carid.com
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Thinking of bringing a tougher look to your truck or jeep by adding heavy duty bumper? Who wouldn’t one by the way. But there are tons of factors to consider when choosing for one. Since there are hundreds of varieties sold on the market these days, it’s getting more strenuous to choose. A bumpers style is what many considers initially but the most important criteria we should consider best is durability which means quality level.

Considering of buying a cheap heavy duty bumper to save a few hundreds of dollars is something favorable to us all by all means. But perhaps you might want to consider that later as there are other more important things you should try to organize.

Absolute Guide To RBP and MORE heavy duty bumper
image courtesy @www.carid.com

Below are quick questions you might want to ask before spending that cash!

What is your Bumpers Style?

Would you like a Standard bumper style? The old fashion and compact looking style. Or maybe you would want a Deep Drop Bumper or Cowboy Bumper? This is one of the old type of bumper that’s typically found on older trucks. Can handle extreme heavy-duty towing capacity and a lower ball height than a step bumper. Or would you like a Step Bumper instead, the one that’s often hanged on trucks and SUVs. This bumpers center cutout is looking like a step and with holes in it that are good for hitch balls and can be useful for towing lightweight trailers. Other Bumper styles to consider are Roll Pan Bumper and Tube Bumper.

What Bumper Cutouts and Options Would you consider?

This is quiet important for future upgrades such as adding off-road lights. As off-road lights may come in either round or square and sizes may differ too.

Considering of Adding a Bumper Winch?

Bumper Tow Hooks

Bumpers are normally designed for towing and tow hooks can help maximize its purpose for extra towing support. But you can have an option to either add this or not, most of the time depends on the type of bumper you want to have or may have. Sometimes this is just a design feature but can be important too in time when needed.

Bumper Finish

This is about the outer look of your bumper. What type of finish does your truck have? Considering of a glossy looking bumper to match your jeep or a matte or textured one?

Your Tire Clearance

Depending on your trucks maker and model, a heavy duty bumper may interfere with tire clearance of your truck. Better be sure to check this stuffs especially if you mounted some monsters off road tires.

Bumpers Logo

Most bumper manufacturers who handles bumper replacements, cuts their logo into your bumper. It can be on your bumpers front view, side view or anywhere visible for obvious advertising reason. Is that something you can consider of having or do you prefer it without? You can possibly ask this ahead of time before you get a surprise you don’t want to deal with.

Matching Rear Bumper

Considering you’re only buying for a front bumper or the other way around. Check out the matching rear bumper for your truck or jeep too if you have one or if you consider on installing one. It’s a common mistake to have a mismatch rear and back bumpers and not all rear bumpers may look as good as the front. Anticipating on this can help you avoid extra cost on matching both rear and front bumpers.

As for RBP Bumper Enthusiast, this part is a bonus for you. Here are specific features that will help you decide why you would like to have this one instead.

•RBP HD Truck Bumper is available for both front and rear side. Its rugged steel designs more on off-road style that adds tough look to your heavy-duty truck or jeep.

• It’s equipped and integrated with towing rings that’s appropriate for heavy weight towing. Can be useful in situations you need it best.

•Features black powder finish coat, mounted brackets and optional grille guard or nose guard

•And last but not the least, RBD Bumpers are custom fit for any vehicles. Fitting becomes no hassle for RBP bumpers at all.

For other types of bumper standards, types and durability, there are articles and forums you can read online to help you decide. You can base your decision through others personal experiences or you might as well share your own.


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