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Chevy’s Tahoe SUV : The Newest Police Vehicle

Chevy's Tahoe
Image courtesy @ http://www.chevrolet.com
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While most of you might feel like the automotive industry in Detroit is dead, Chevrolet has just announced that they are adding an “SSV” (Special Service Vehicle) to their 2015 Silverado lineup.

Chevy’s Tahoe SUV joined the law enforcement ranks long ago. However, half-ton trucks have been strangely left out of the mix in North American police forces, even though they’re used heavily throughout Europe, Asia and the UK.

The Silverado 1500 Crew Cab SSV model will offer plenty of power and fuel economy to police forces all over the country including:

Chevy's Tahoe
Image courtesy @http://www.chevrolet.com

5.3L ‘Ecotec 3’ V8 engine – Best in Class – E58 capable
Auxillary trans cooler
23mpg on the highway fuel-economy
730-CCA auxillary battery (for lights, cameras, etc.)
H/0 730-CCA alternator
Multiple 110V outlets (interior and exterior)
Vinyl rear seats (for cost-saving purposes)
Electronic 4WD
4 upfitter switches on the dash
Common key option
Front and rear vision cameras
Factory police upfit package (including police lights, sirens, front/rear partitions and more)

Tax-Payers Rejoice!

The engine’s a swan song for tax-payers, boasting Chevy’s ‘Active Fuel Management’ (AFM) system that intermittently disables fuel-ignition in up to 4 cylinders at a time when driving at cruising speed. The AFM option gives the SSV a ‘Best in Class’ fuel economy’ of 23mpg on the highway. This EPA-estimate only applies to 2WD SSV models however; the 4WD option hasn’t been tested yet.

Reduced maintenance costs also promise less of a burden to tax-payers, with Duralife’s ‘TM’ brake rotors coming factory-equipped on all SSV Crews. The GM-patented rotors use ‘ferritic-nitrocarburizing-technology’ which hardens the rotors up to two times more than traditional factory or aftermarket rotors, thus protecting them against warping, fractures, scarring, and scratches.

Aside from tire maintenance costs; brake pads and overall brake servicing in general make up a significant percentage of the routine maintenance expenses on law enforcement vehicles.

Rugged Design

The entire industry’s talking about how Chevy has incorporated high-strength steel into nearly two-thirds of the SSV model’s design. Giving the truck an NHTSA ‘5-Star Overall Safety Rating’ without adding significant poundage to its curb-weight which would hurt fuel economy and acceleration.

Only the Best for Law Enforcement

Chevy is making a huge marketing push to get law enforcement into their SSV pickup, offering a 24,000 mile maintenance package, including a 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty package and 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

This tells the civilian consumer a lot about the Detroit auto-makers confidence in their product. The demands placed on a police vehicle are far beyond the stress and strain the average consumer would put on their vehicle.

Many of the SSV’s options are also available on the Crew’s 1500 civilian edition, including the updated high-strength steel throughout the body and frame, and the Duralife TM rotors.

Way to go Chevy!

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