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The part on the rear axle — the bundle of apparatuses permitting you to take a corner? Have you ever imagined about how it functions? The Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Sales Corporation is here to show you how differential works.

One of my close friend with an expert mechanical inclination and high experience on custom car optimization once said that the differential gear must be an alien innovation and technology. We might utilize it on autos however it can’t have sprung forward from the brains of men. In the light of blue colored LED’s and the probes reaching near the Saturn planet, he might be exaggerating—in any case, excited from rest, would you have the ability to explain how differential works?

A very good informative visual explanation of how differential works, most likely created and shot by extraterrestrials, is offered by an improbable source: the Chevrolet Motor Division of the General Motors Sales Corporation, as put by this 1930s video tutorial.


Recorded during a time when the normal driver was required to comprehend in much more prominent points of interest of the complexities of the car, its ten minutes of phenomenal well-known engineering.

I haven’t seen a better explanation, I truly bet there’s no better explanation since this video was created long time ago back in the ’30s. Which is a total disgrace given today’s financial budgets and crazy graphics, why can’t the TV channel like Discovery or the other airing alleged instructive programming set up together more tutorials as clear and genuine like this?

We would all be in an ideal situation actually by teaching the public on different technologies or essential engineering in everyday life. Rather, we get over-sensationalized nonsense that only takes a glance at the surface.

Yes, we do have TV shows like Mythbusters. However, they’re still, at their heart, immaculate excitement. They’re not set up to go into the genuinely deep explanations on the essential engineering that surround us. Which is a real disgrace?

Perhaps we require our carmakers to do more like this video tutorial of how differential works.

Know about any other expert engineering analysts out there? Name them in the comments section.


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