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To drive safely you will need side and rear view mirror.

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While I was learning driving I never used the rear view mirror or in fact the side mirror. I always thought that it was a bit redundant. But after years of driving, I truly understand their importance. Mirror helps you to drive more safely and comfortably. In order to have a better measurement of your car, you need the help of mirror. Basically, there are two types of mirror one is rear view mirror and the other one is side view mirror. In this article, I will talk about these two types of mirrors.      Mirror

First I will talk about rear view mirror. The rear view mirror allows the driver to see the backside of the car.  The rear view mirror is fixed to the top of the windshield; it can also be adjusted to the viewing need of the driver.Mirror

The side view mirrors helps the driver to see the behind and side of the vehicle; it is usually outside the peripheral vision of the driver. The side view mirror is affixed to the exterior side of the vehicle. The side mirror can be adjusted manually or automatically to move vertically or horizontally so that it can provide full vision coverage for the driver by adjusting the angle and positions. Now you can buy automated side view mirror which can fix the angle and position of the mirror automatically. The mirror glass may also be electrically heated and may include electro-chromic dimming to reduce glare to the driver from the headlamps of following vehicles. The new electronic side view mirror can also be used to show turn signal.


Latest Car Mirrors and Rear View Mirrors are available !!

Be smart and invest in your safety and be aware of the surrounding of your car. These mirrors can now be bought online easily due to their popular demand. I personally like to buy from autopartstoys.com as they provide one of the cheapest prices but their quality is top class. Most of their products are priced to match direct factory warehouse pricing and any purchase over $50 has free shipping. You can directly follow this link Car Mirrors and Rear View Mirrors  to buy side and rear view mirror.

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