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While simply in need of setting records, new automobile sales in 2016 are brisk. Cheap gas, straightforward finance, and sensible overall buyer confidence have helped automakers move huge number of vehicles off showroom floors and into the driveways across the USA.

If you were paying attention for the last two-three decades, you most likely already apprehend which vehicles are the top-selling vehicles in the USA in 2016. However there could also be some surprises afterward.

Since 2016 has formally come to a detailed nonetheless, the final sales numbers are still unknown. However with eleven out of twelve months absolutely accounted for, the finishing order is probably going set. Without going further, let’s get started with Ford F-Series.

  • Ford F-Series

This won’t return as a surprise. The Ford F-Series lineup, which incorporates the F-150 and its brawnier Super Duty relatives, continues to be the popular vehicle in America, and by a snug margin of quite two hundred thousand units over the second-place finisher.

Ford F-Series

  • Chevy Silverado

Again, seeing the Chevy Silverado in second position to the Ford F-Series has become old hat. Still, Chevrolet sold well over half a million full size pickup trucks in 2016, which is nothing to sneeze at. Remember, too, that General Motors also sells the GMC Sierra line of trucks, which share most of their mechanical parts with the Chevy Silverado. With their sales added together, GM’s pickup twins run neck-and-neck with their competition from Ford.

Chevy Silverado

  • Ram Truck

Ram Truck lives as a standalone division under the FCA North America umbrella. Almost the majority of its sales are full size pickup trucks, beginning with the 1500 model and proceeding into Heavy Duty domain from that point. FCA’s Ram has been the third among the top-selling vehicles in the USA in 2016. It has been third top-selling vehicle throughout the previous couple of years and remains so in 2016.

Ram Truck

  • Toyota Camry

When you move beyond the three major American pickup trucks, Japanese cars, crossovers and hybrids start to command the top of the line vehicle list. What’s more, this top-selling vehicle is, as it has been for quite a long while, the Toyota Camry. Offers of the Camry have slanted downward in 2016. During that time of November, Toyota’s 355,000 Camry deals add up to about a 10-percent decrease when compared with the earlier year. That is an impression of changing buyer tastes, as crossovers assume control as the family vehicle of choice in the United States.

Toyota Camry

  • Toyota Corolla

Sneaking in simply behind the Toyota Camry is the Toyota Corolla. Toyota knots a couple models in with Corolla deals that you won’t expect, for example, the model that used to be known as the Scion iM.

Toyota Corolla

  • Honda Civic

The Civic ends 2016 as Honda’s top-selling vehicle in the USA in 2016. That is most likely not going to happen in 2017, as more purchasers pick little hybrids over little vehicles and hatchbacks. Need proof? Read below.Honda Civic

  • Honda CR-V

In November of 2016, Honda sold 25,758 CR-Vs. That is slightly more than the 25,303 Civic models sold. In any case, that neglects to consider that the CR-V got an entire overhaul for 2017,

And units are quite recently hitting dealerships. Anticipate that the CR-V will jump the Civic in deals sales within this year 2017.

Honda CR-V

  • Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the vehicles that commenced the minimized crossover section in America. What’s more, it’s been really popular from that time onward, remaining as Toyota’s third top-selling model and the eighth top-selling vehicle in the USA in 2016.

Toyota RAV4

  • Honda Accord

The Honda Accord separates the crossover party, sliding into the ninth top-selling line opening in America for 2016. We anticipate that the Accord will keep up its place in Honda’s business lineup, simply behind the CR-V and Civic.

Honda Accord

  • Nissan Rogue

Is it any surprise that the tenth top-selling vehicle in the USA in 2016 is another crossover ? A larger number of consumers pick the Rogue than some other model from Nissan, although the medium size Altima car is close.


That rounds out our rundown of the 10 Top-Selling Vehicles In The USA In 2016. The pattern, as should be obvious, is for pickup trucks and utility vehicles to keep overwhelming smaller cars in about each automaker’s lineup. We expect business as usual in 2017.


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